The first trimester

I have all these notes from pregnancy, I really have no excuse when it comes to finding things to write about. Time and energy are the rare commodities when you’re working (in a paid job) and working (to parent an 18-month-old) and working (to be a good partner and vaguely competent adult). But this evening…Continue reading »

Sometimes the baby cries

Sometimes, the baby cries. And it’s okay. The way most people react even to the idea of a baby crying, you’d think it’s the worst sound in the world, nails on a chalkboard multiplied by chewing tinfoil to the power of someone slurping their soup. “There was a crying baby” is shorthand for “the experience…Continue reading »

A pin-prick of prevention

Whoops! You blink and two months have gone past, and the only real evidence of it is that the baby now seems impossibly long. Where did these legs come from? I feel like a broken record on the topic which has prompted me to post today, but a golden rule of communications (my day job)…Continue reading »

Heart day

Content note: discussion of hospital, medical issues, baby illness Today is the first anniversary of baby’s heart surgery. It’s a very weird sentence to type. It’s probably a revelation to a lot of people reading this – even the ones who know me offline. I ran into someone just over the weekend, where I was…Continue reading »

A farewell to breastfeeding

There’s been a lot of discussion online around the US formula shortage, and the petty, kneejerk, unthinking, callous response from many to “just” breastfeed. “What did we do before you pampered ingrates had (expensive, complicated, emotionally fraught) formula???” some sneered. “Well, a lot of babies just died” was the understandably angry response. Breastfeeding just isn’t…Continue reading »


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