About Wrong Mama

An old-fashioned typewriter with a piece of paper in it, displaying the word MOTHERHOOD in capital letters
Photo by Marcus Winkler on Unsplash

I’m Stephanie, a Pākehā, feminist mother-of-one from Wellington, Aotearoa.

I’ve always been a writer, so of course I took a lot of notes during pregnancy and the early days of parenting and decided to share those with the world.

The title of this blog comes from the overwhelmingly dominant feeling I had in the early weeks of Baby’s life: that I was doing everything wrong. Making every choice poorly. Doing the worst things I possibly could and thus ruining my daughter before she even had a chance to prove herself. And I know a lot of mamas feel the same way.

So this is a place for us to talk and share and commiserate and remind each other that there’s nothing wrong with being a Wrong Mama.

If you want to get in touch or ask a question in confidence, use the form below.